Cari Briner

Cari is a Global Real Estate Leader and Holistic Business Coach. For the past 2 years, Cari has built a national real estate organization of over 250 Realtors in 29 states that sells thousands of homes annually. She is also the Co-Founder of @TheCOve, a real estate and entrepreneur coworking space in North Idaho. This space is an office to over 140 entreprenuers and small business owners and is providing community events and opportunities to hundreds of people in North Idaho and the Spokane area. Previously, Cari built a National Business & Life Coaching Company, Achieve Freedom Coaching, which helped over 500 real estate entrepreneurs during the onset of the pandemic and over the course of the next two years. Over the prior 20 years, Cari was a top-producing real estate agent, the CEO of the #1 Real Estate Office in the state of MN, and a Director of Expansion for a top 3 National Real Estate team. Cari has helped to grow a few hundred real estate businesses and teams through her coaching and partnerships, and she has recruited over 1000 people into the industry over the years. In 2021, Business Insider featured Cari as one of the most Innovative Business Coaches in the country. As a transformed workaholic, she has committed to personal growth through business success over the past 8 years. Because of this, Cari is passionate about serving her partners and coaching clients so they can also live fulfilled lives and build huge businesses in a new way.

Here's What Others Have to Say About Cari

Someone recently asked me if I really needed a coach, and ‘what if I just lived my life?’ The thing is this coaching is different than anything you have encountered before. The difference between the coaching that we think of when we hear ‘coaching’ versus the type of coaching we get here, is that there is no notion of what/or who you should be. It is all about about waking up and remembering who you are in your core.

Jenny McCarty Founder & CEO

Public Service Announcement: If I haven’t said it in a while I need to see it again. Thanks again Cari. She’s exactly what we needed and I’m so grateful for the introduction.

Nneka Jenkins REALTOR

I had a free coaching consult and after I hung up, I knew she was exactly the person I need to connect with to help me take my role to the next level. It was amazing the perspective she brought to our leadership team. Even our most skeptical leader appreciated the coaching methods. More than just methods, Cari brought a new perspective of focusing on personal growth both for us as individuals as well as translating that to our team members.

Julie Huck The Ed Huck Team

Cari gave us so many practical action steps to follow the models to locate the best talent on the planet. She also shared templates so we did not have to start from scratch allowing us to propel our business forward at a strong place. We still use her marketing ideas, spreadsheets and scripts and even after a few years, she is still answering questions and guiding us when we get stumped or need to break through another ceiling.

Lisa Sisko

I wish I could show you the copious notes I take after every session and she with you in depth the change and transformation I’ve personally embarked on due to meeting Cari and committing to this coaching program.

Julie Huck

Coaching with Cari has been a game-changer for me. I have implemented tactics she has shared with me for my personal life and business. Our calls have created so much clarity for me that I know what I need to do daily to achieve my business goals. I have a much better morning routine and a mindset to help me achieve my goals. I have gotten so much from coaching with Cari that 3 more people on our team are coaching with the organization as well. I would highly recommend coaching with them.

David Nations

I have been married for 12 years and I have a 5 year old daughter. I have been in real estate for 14 years as a Realtor, property manager, team leader, and as the President of a board of realtors. Through all my success, I was always trying to find the unicorn of the business, the thing that wold feel like reaching the pinnacle of real estate success. With every new access I didn’t feel that moment of achievement for very long, so I just kept reaching for bigger and bigger things, hoping to find it there. Within the first few weeks of coaching we started talking about my morning routine and workouts and I just wasn’t really feeling that it was what I wanted to get out of coaching. I thought I just wanted to focus on pushing myself in business, and these things seemed irrelevant. But there was a one call where I had a sudden epiphany and my mindset completely shifted and I pretty much broke down. I went for a walk, and when I came back, I fully embraced what this style of coaching was trying to show me. With Cari’s help, I began to work on myself first. All wee have worked through together is allowing me to enjoy my business more and reduce pressure on myself. I have learned to say, “no” more so I can say, “yes” to things that I am passionate about. I know now that my business is a thing, it does not define who I am. If I had just had a business coach alone without the personal growth piece I would probably just be going crazy trying to build my business bigger and bigger and would just be creating more stress for no reason other than I hadn’t thought about why I needed to do those things. I would be having shallow conversations that would allow me to do what everyone else was doing, to live someone else’s life and not my own.

Matt Hughes

I am so grateful to get to share my story of personal growth, thanks to your coaching. I am aa real estate agent, which I got into by chance and now it was been over 20 years! I found my passion in real estate, but during the intense of building my business, I somehow stopped paying attention to other important aspects of my life. Over the years my business has had its ups and downs, but up or down, I just wasn’t feeling very good about my life and started becoming aware of inconsistencies in my work and life. I had so much stress and anxiety and felt that half of the time I didn’t accomplish everything I had to accomplish. One day I was by myself for once reflecting. My business was doing ok, but I just felt I had to make a change, and I decided to do coaching. I got on the phone with Cari, and once of the first things she recommended to me was the book, Living Forward. I realized I needed consistency in my life. She had me start with small changes and the biggest small change was adding meditation to my mornings, which has changed everything for me. Through mediation I was able to accept, let go of myself or things I was hangin onto from my past. I am much calmer, I have learned to stop. I no longer feel like I am on a hamster-wheel! I have always tried to take care of everyone else around me first. I realized that in order to better take care of others, I had to work on myself first. I learned to say “no” so I could say “yes” to what mattered. Now I take time for myself, slowing down without even realizing it. I am so much more aware of everything. I never noticed half of the things that were around me. I am also more aware of what I have been stuck-it’s like some has opened the blinds and I can finally see the world. Even through the pandemic, I have kept my feeling of peace that I have built over time. Our outer world reflects our inner world. I am still getting leads, even during the shutdown. I aam not changing my goals even in the face of 2020 because I have trust, hope and faith. I believe we attract who we are and I am falling in love with myself. You cannot love other people if you don’t love and take care of yourself first. My advice is to start small with just one change. Maybe start and end the day with gratitude.

Juliet Restrepo

Cari’s coaching and guidance has been instrumental in helping us grow our real estate team through coaching us on the recruiting front. With her help, we have been bale to nearly double the size of our team within the past year and have built a pipeline of candidates for the future.

Prescott Busk

I developed an ability to focus on whaat is, not what could be. I recommend trying little changes to start your pattern of growth. If you are considering trying coaching, know that you’ll be investing in yourself, but beyond that, you’ll be investing in your external world too, in those around you who you have an effect on.

Violet Robinson